PokerLog is a poker player’s diary for use on Palm compatible handhelds running PalmOS 2.0 or better. It allows the poker player to keep track of all aspects of ring game and tournament play—location, dates and times played, wins and losses, and other information.

See the News section for download links and more. You can also read the user manual online.

PokerLog News

History of the PokerLog project.

PokerLog 2.0.7 Released

This release removes all registration requirements, and is now released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


PokerLog 2.0.6 Released

This release corrects some problems and adds some new features. You can download the update here.

  • Corrects problems with the date display getting chopped in the tournament and session listings.
  • Corrects a problem with using the numeric keyboard when entering your registration key.
  • If you commonly change tables or limits and use your current stack as the buyin at the new session, you would end up with all kinds of odd numbers in the buy-in popup. Now only buy-ins that are multiples of $100 will be displayed.
  • The cashout amount from the previous session is now the first item in the buyin popup. This is very useful for when you change tables or limits and buying for whatever your stack is.

PokerLog 2.0.5 Released

This release just corrects some cosmetic problems with the session and tournament forms. Download the new version here.

PokerLog 2.0.4 Released

This release corrects a bug that would cause all of your sessions (or tourneys) to disappear (from the screen only) if you pressed the hardware scroll buttons and had less than one screenful of entries. Download the update here.

PokerLog 2.0.3 Released

PokerLog 2.0.3 was released today. This release adds some new functionality at the request of the PokerLog community.

  • Now supports PalmOS 2.0 and up.
  • Streamlined the session-length interface for easier time entry.
  • The Buy-in field is now a popup list (similar to the Game or Room fields).

PokerLog 2.0.3 is available free to all registered PokerLog users. Download it here.

Announcing the PokerLog Database Converter

The PokerLog database converter allows you to convert your PokerLog databases to CSV format, suitable for loading into XML or many other spreadsheet and database programs. It is a service provided free to all PokerLog users. To use the converter, click here.

PokerLog 2.0.2 Released

PokerLog 2.0.2 was released today. It corrects small bugs with registration on the Handspring Visor, and some older models of Palm. You can download it here.

First Public Release of PokerLog

PokerLog 2.0.1, the first publically available version of PokerLog was released today. You can download it here.

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